Removing Strawberry Stems With a Straw

removing strawberry stems

Why hack off the top half of a delicious strawberry when you can remove the stem more surgically? This simple hack for removing strawberry stems uses a straw to do the removal. If you have a re-usable metal straw, those tend to work best as they are relatively thin and sharp, and are less likely to bend than disposable plastic straws. A metal straw is also more practical than the bendy, pretty straw we included here. The steps to removing strawberry stems with a straw are pretty straight forward. Simply take one end of the straw and insert it into the narrow tip of your strawberry. Make sure you aim towards the center of the stem as you push the straw through to the other side. Once you get to the wide end of the strawberry, you the stem should pop right off, with minimal loss of the tasty bits of the strawberry. You can then blow through the straw to dispose of any core that gets stuck in there, or run the straw under a stream of water. Who would have thought straws were the secrete to removing strawberry stems?!

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