DIY Jewelry Organizer is One Simple and Cool Home Hack

diy jewelry organizer

Jewelry has a way of taking over large swaths of storage. Necklaces can get tangled. Earrings can get lost. It can be a real challenge to find whatever jewelry you might be looking for. This DIY jewelry organizer is inexpensive, easy to implement, and you probably have the materials for it sitting in your kitchen. Simply take an ice cube tray of your choosing (or multiple ice cube trays if you have a lot of jewelry). Place each item of jewelry into one of the spaces normally used for ice cubes. Oval and less rectangular ice cube trays tend to work best for this DIY organizer because the jewelry is easier to scoop out. For Home Hacks bonus points, use one tray for each type of jewelry (eg. Rings, Necklaces, etc) and label the trays accordingly. We hope this DIY Jewelry Organizer hack helps tame and organize your jewelry clutter!

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