How to Reheat Rice in the Microwave For Tasty and Moist Rice

how to reheat rice in the microwave

How to reheat rice in the microwave doesn’t seem like it should be a secret or require a home hack. However, if you have ever heated up your leftover Chinese takeout food the next day and have bitten into crunchy rice, you know the issue. Microwaved rice just has a way of tasting crunchy, and not deliciously moist like when it was fresh. Fear not intrepid takeout fans! We’ll provide an ancient secret hack to illuminate how to reheat rice in the microwave for maximum moist, tastiness. OK, so maybe it’s not an ancient secret. Simply fill a shot glass with a small amount of water (filtered water is best). Place it next to your bowl of rice. Ideally you want your rice in a flatter container so lots of surface is exposd. Then hit the nuke button. Assuming you have enough rice to cook long enough, the water in the shot glass should steam up the rice and minimize the crunchy factor. Still not moist enough? Stir the rice, add a bit more water to the shot glass if it is empty, and repeat once more. You now know how to reheat rice in the microwave like a takeout pro!

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