Use Olive Oil to Make Dull Marble Countertops Look New

make dull marble countertops look new

Marble can get cloudy and scratched over time, losing its luster, especially on kitchen surfaces that get a lot of use. The best solution to make dull marble countertops look new is resurfacing, but that takes time, power tools, and money if you want it done professionally. Thankfully, before taking that step, there is still a way to enjoy gleaming countertops, and it takes less than two minutes. To make dull marble countertops look new, just pour half a teaspoon of olive oil (sunflower and other oils found in the kitchen can work too) onto clean marble and wipe it across the surface with a dry cloth or paper towel. Use another dry cloth to buff away any excess oil. That’s all there is to it! It might not be as long-lasting as resurfacing, but no one will be able to spot the difference.

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