Need to Roast Coffee Without a Roaster? Use a Popcorn Popper

roast coffee without a roaster

Want the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans to fill your kitchen but don’t want to invest in an expensive home coffee roasting system? To roast coffee without a roaster, just get some green coffee beans and throw them into your popcorn popper. Seriously! Measure out approximately ΒΌ cup of green coffee beans, place them in the popper, put the lid on, and turn the machine on. Within about four minutes, you should start to hear popping noises and get that distinct coffee aroma. In another minute or so, it should start to smell smokey. You can turn the popcorn popper off at this point for a light roast, or let it continue up to another two minutes for a dark roast. After that, just wait until the beans are cool to the touch, grind them, and make your perfect cup of coffee. That’s all you need to roast coffee without a roaster!

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