How to Keep White Wine Chilled Without Ice

how to keep white wine chilled

Putting white wine on ice is guaranteed to get you permanently banned by your local sommelier. It will also likely result in some disapproving looks from friends and strangers alike. You can avoid the social stigma of iced white wine and still avoid the horror of your white wine getting warm with this simple and downright stylish home hack. Remove the stems from a bunch of your favorite grapes after washing them. Throw the grapes into a Ziploc bag and place it in your freezer. Allow the grapes to freeze. When you’re ready to sip your wine, put several of the grapes in the bottom of your glass. Pour the chilled white wine over the grapes and enjoy at your own leisurely pace! Your sommelier might still not approve, but who cares?! You’ll have chilled wine and probably a conversation starter as people admire your colorful, cool wine creation!

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