Save Money and Water Using Low Flow Shower Head

save money on utility bills

The 2nd largest energy expense in the average households is water heating. Save money and water using a low flow shower head. If you have an old shower head, you might use up to 10 gallons of water per minute (GPM)! Not only is it a waste of water, it is also a waste of electricity since you have to heat that water too! Today’s low flow shower heads use as little as 1.25 GPM’s. Be sure to replace any pre-1992 shower heads which were non-regulated and therefore use more than the modern 2.5 or less GPM faucets. There are many excellent faucets on the market that use even less than regulation, yet feel the same and get you just as clean. If you live in a high humidity environment you should look for laminar flow shower heads because they don’t produce as much steam as an aerating one.

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