How to Grow a Potato Tower

how to grow a potato tower

Learn how to grow a potato tower, it’s a great garden space saver! Instead of growing them in horizontal rows, grow potatoes vertically. It is possible to grow 100 lbs of taters in a 4×4 area of your garden. For the perimeter you will need chicken wire or big-holed wire (tires or wooden boards also work), as well as dirt, hay and seed potatoes.

Build a circular or square fence in the shape you would like your tower, fill the first row with hay, then create a hole or divot in the center of the hay, fill with dirt, approximately 6″, then seed potatoes, 6″ of dirt, then drench tower with water. Potatoes love water! Plant your potatoes around the edges of your tower four to six inches apart. You can also plant 1-3 in the center as long your spacing is consistent. Allow the first layer to sprout leaves, do not build your tower all at once. Once you see the sprouted leaves repeat the layers, allow to sprout, repeat layers. I suggest up to four layers of potatoes, but wait until previous layer sprouts. Once the leaves turn brown and fall off, wait a week then harvest.

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