Chicken Wire Hat Organizer How to, Easy DIY

DIY Chicken Wire Hat Organizer

The joys of chicken wire! This often overlooked raw material is much more versatile than just caging your hens in it. In fact, there is at least one museum in the United States entirely designated to the history of chicken wire. Our chicken wire hat organizer is also great for hanging jewelry and pretty much anything else you can think of. I suggest using a large old picture frame.

The example shown is 18 1/2″ x 22 1/2.” Obviously the larger the frame the more hats you can fit. Be sure to wear protective gloves when working with the chicken wire. Cut the wire to up to 1/2″ larger than the edge of inside the frame, secure it with nails on the back. I also used felt over the edges of wire and nail heads to protect the wall from scratches. I like to use old clothes pins to attach our trucker caps to the wire.

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