Use a Bottle Top to Seal Plastic Bag

YouTube’s Russian Hacker shows us how to use a bottle top to seal plastic bags and preserve food freshness in the process. This is great for opened bags of rice, dried beans, popcorn or whatever you could possibly think of. All you will need for this hack is an empty plastic beverage bottle, scissors and opened bag of food.

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  1. Brenda Harris says

    I had made an opening by cutting the tip of the bag. I put the tip through the bottle opening and spread the ooe ING around the opening. I twisted the cap on and it worked. I’m concerned that when I open the cap, I’ll forget that the bag is not attached to the top and spill the contents. So, my idea is to tape the ends of the bag that I pulled through the bottle opening and taping it to the cap. Then the bottle cut off is secure and the bag won’t come off when the cap is removed.

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