Up-cycle Old Picture Frames with Milk Paint

Milk Paint Old Picture Frames

Milk paint is a non-toxic, water based paint with pigment added for color. You can make it yourself (online tutorials abound for this) or purchase one of the many brands available on the market today. It comes in powder form and has an almost forever shelf life as long as it is not mixed. To use you just mix it with water according to the manufacturers instructions. I love to breath new life into old picture frames with milk paint. You can get a multitude of interesting effects layering different colors or lightly sand each layer to create a distressed look. You can even create that ultra in vogue crackled paint look by using a specially formulated additive such as Old Fashioned Milk Paint’s Antique Crackle. For the ones pictured, I simply sanded some old frames, added a couple layers of milk paint, then finished with pure tung oil mixed with mineral spirits. For solid coverage and for paint to adhere to non porous surfaces, most companies sell a bond to mixed with the milk paint. I personally like to experiment and there are a multitude of online resources to research before you even lift the brush. Have fun with it!

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