Light a Fire Anywhere

As we’ve started planning some of our outdoor adventures for the year, we’re gearing up our gear, too. For our outdoor fire place and for camping, we load up a mason jar with wooden matches. We close the jar with an air tight lid. We attach a piece of fine sand paper to the top of the lid so we can strike our matches right on the lid and light a fire anywhere. Remember that all matches are not created equally, so make sure to use “strike anywhere” matches for this hack!

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  1. Sand paper should to the inside. The striking patch cut from the kitchen match box works best. Mason jars are glass, making them heavy, cumbersome, and a disaster waiting to happen when they break. Plastic pill bottles are best being light weight, tough and a bicycle tube cut in the diameter of the inside of the lid will make it waterproof. . For $3 a water proof match case is well worth it. You are going for whatever is already in the home though, aren’t you?

  2. Anonymous says

    Flint and Tinder!

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