Hide Emergency Cash in a Spice Jar

hide emergency cash

Have you considered hiding your cash in one of those fake soup cans but worry that thieves already know about those a little too well? You’ll want to skip the cupboard and head directly for the spice rack. You’ll need glue that dries clear and a spice jar that is about 25 percent full. This works best with small darker flakes such as oregano, but as you can see, even garlic or onion can work if you don’t mind adding an extra layer. Empty the jar and coat the inside with glue. Then, pour your spices back in, put the cap on, and shake until the inside of the jar is completely covered in spices. Take the lid off and let it dry. Repeat the process if you are using lighter spices. The inside of your spice jar will be hollow to hide emergency cash, while the outside will look like any other jar of spices. Just don’t try to use it for cooking!

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