Frozen Banana Snacks – A Refreshing and Healthy Treat

frozen banana snacks

While frozen banana snacks are almost always coated in chocolate, they don’t have to be. However, if you like frozen bananas covered in chocolate, please don’t let us stop you! For this refreshing treat, we’re keeping it simple. Take a ripe to very ripe banana and slice it in to bite-sized slices. For Home Hacks bonus points, check out our hack on how to cut bananas without a cutting board and you won’t even dirty a cutting board in the process. Be sure to slice the banana and not just freeze it with the peal on (trying to extract the frozen banana from the frozen peal is a real challenge). Take your slices and put them into a ziploc bag. Gently remove whatever air you can from the bag as you seal it up to avoid condensation and ice crystals. The next time you’re looking for a tasty treat on a hot day, reach for your frozen banana snacks (and a chocolate bar if needed).

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