Use Chalk to Battle Grease Stains

Rub grease stains with chalk before throwing the clothes in the wash.

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  1. Will this work on old grease stains???

    • Has anyone answered? I wonder the same.

    • I”m not for certain it will, I’ve never tried this hack. I was always taught to reinvigorate the oil stain with wd-40 if set in.. I use the method that the “queen of clean” advises – Grease stains on clothes when removed improperly will come out of the dryer with wet looking stains on them. In order to remove the grease at that point, you need to regenerate it. You can do this by spraying with WD-40 Lubricant. Let sit about 10 minutes and then work in 1 part Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Work in well and then launder as usual.

      • I have a tried and true solution to those grease stains you discover after they come out of the dryer. Liquid Tide. When you discover the spot, put Tide directly on the spot, then just put it back in the dirty laundry. When you get around to washing it again, the grease strain will be gone. I think it needs to sit for a while, so I don’t wash it right away, I just treat it and forget about it. No rubbing or scrubbing needed.

  2. I use a can of coca cola for oil field clothes works great.

  3. For old grease stains, just use dish detergent like Dawn or Joy with a little warm water to pre-treat the stain and then wash as usual.

  4. I’ll try the chalk, but my tried and true method to remove grease stains is to pour dry baking soda on the stain and let it sit a day or two. Then brush it off. It should be mostly gone, but you can wash the garment to make sure. If some is still left, you can use baking soda on it again and it will get the rest out. I think cornstarch works the same way.

    • I use baby powder, just like the baking soda idea, and let it sot for a day or two. The talc draws out the grease and no remnants are left. I work in a restaurant and this has never let me down!


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