Use Chalk to Battle Grease Stains

Rub grease stains with chalk before throwing the clothes in the wash.

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  1. I use a can of coca cola for oil field clothes works great.

  2. For old grease stains, just use dish detergent like Dawn or Joy with a little warm water to pre-treat the stain and then wash as usual.

  3. I’ll try the chalk, but my tried and true method to remove grease stains is to pour dry baking soda on the stain and let it sit a day or two. Then brush it off. It should be mostly gone, but you can wash the garment to make sure. If some is still left, you can use baking soda on it again and it will get the rest out. I think cornstarch works the same way.

    • I use baby powder, just like the baking soda idea, and let it sot for a day or two. The talc draws out the grease and no remnants are left. I work in a restaurant and this has never let me down!


  1. […] Grease stains are incredibly hard to get out, whether it’s furniture, clothes, or something else. But here’s a nice tip. Use some chalk, sprinkle it onto the stain, let it sit for a bit, and then wash the material as best as possible. The stain should come right out! […]

  2. […] you have a grease stain somewhere, use chalk to get it out! The chalk absorbs the grease stain and helps get the stain […]

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