Bend Wood with Vinegar

bend wood with vinegar

Bending thin pieces of wood can easily make them snap, crack and split. Bend wood easily using vinegar. Just coat the wood with some white distilled vinegar and bend away without worrying about breakage.

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  1. Tried soaking a bamboo skewer overnight in vinigar:
    It was really limber, almost floppy, but after it dried, it slowly sprang back, loosing most of it’s curve. I think I’ll try adding vin to boiling water…

  2. Ernie Mathews says

    I plan to try this on a hickory cane, widening the hook and binding it to a form before drying. Results to follow. Thanks

  3. Ernie Mathews says

    Ten hours of a vinegar bend almost no set. Spent ten minutes with steam and then some vinegar and boiling water. It is tight on the form and will check tomorrow am. If it’s dry it will be unwrapped,results to follow

  4. Ernie Mathews says

    Overnight worked. So vinegar will let it bend,but if you needed it to stay set,steam and boiling water seem important.

    • simon bradley says

      thanks for that Ernie! good experiment and helpful advice!

    • Ross Potts says

      This vinegar seems to be an extraneous step, given that you need steam/boiling anyway, to retain set. THAT method allows for bending also. Is it that vinegar is just faster than water? Also, I’m about to start on some ship models, so anything that can speed up the forming process on planks is a win for me.

  5. I am rebuilding two wooden wheels, we used the vinegar to bend the 1/2 inch thick ash for the outer rim it worked great I don’t understand the science but it worked

  6. Mark Paula Sturgeon says

    have you ever tried bending wood with a mixture of Red Bull and Vinegar? Be ready with your mold and clamps and dry in a freezer.

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